How long does a match last?

On average 2.5 to 3.5 hours.

Can I come anytime and practice?

Our hours of operation are Friday & Saturday 10am to dark and Sunday 1pm to dark. Call ahead just to make sure just in case we are out of town for a match. Nicky – 6628713346 or Dede – 6628711723

What is a Classifier?

The Classifier is a 3 stage Course of Fire of 90 rounds used to determine a shooter’s skill level. IDPA requires members to shoot a Classifier at least once every 12 month.

Can I shoot 2 guns at a match?

Yes, you will pay an entry fee per gun.

What calibers can I shoot?

Calibers must be 9mm or larger.

How many rounds of ammo are needed to shoot a pistol match?

On average a monthly pistol match uses around 80 – 90 rounds.

Can I use high cap magazines?

You may use high cap magazines so long as the pistol with the magazine inserted will fit into the IDPA sizing box. However, you may only load them to division capacity.

What are the average distances used in courses of fire?

Most scenario stages are set for shot distances of 3 to 25 yards.

How much is the entry fee?

IDPA members: $12 / Non-IDPA members $15.

Am I required to join IDPA?

New shooters can shoot 1 match without IDPA membership. If you decide you want to  continue shooting at Ridge Crossing you must join IDPA. As an affiliated IDPA club we are required to recruit new shooters.

What are the benefits of IDPA membership?

The benefits of IDPA membership include being part of an International organization of like minded individuals who enjoy participating in the shooting sports. In the membership package you receive a copy of the quarterly IDPA magazine Tactical Journal, membership/classifier card, patch, cap, and a rule book. As a member you can shoot at any IDPA affiliated club in the nation and can enter any Regional, State, or National competition.